Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sept. 19, 2016

Hello everyone! Things are going well here in Kecskemét, as always. We've been having some good times and some miracles.

Our first little miracle came right after P day ended last week. Elder Seamons and I were tracting, and neither of us was really in the mood. I wasn't focused at all and I wasn't thinking about helping the people we were meeting. I asked Elder Seamons if we could say a prayer and we did. I felt a lot better after the prayer, and when we went to the next building, the door was open. We decided to go in, and the first door we went to we found someone who had gone to English Class before and still had a Book of Mormon that the missionaries had given him. We got to share the Restoration with him, and the whole experience really strengthened my testimony of prayer. If we hadn't prayed, we wouldn't have had the spirit with us to help us.

We've also had some cool experiences teaching people. Rozália really wants to get baptized on October 8th and she's been preparing so much. It's really cool to see how much she loves the gospel. She wants to learn so much and she reads a lot from the Book of Mormon every day. Her husband, József, won't be ready because he can't come to church and he has some Word of Wisdom problems, but we're going to keep working with him. Things are great here.

I've got some fun pictures from this week. The first two are of Szentkirály. It's 15 ish minutes outside of Kecskemét. It's crazy. We go from city to way spread out houses and farms so quickly.
The other pictures come from our other adventure this week. We went to teach a Less Active that lives in Kiskunfélegyháza. It's 28 kilometers south of Kecskemét, so we had to get President Szabadkai's permission to go. We had a fun time going there and it's a really pretty city. We got to share the restoration and first vision with Jenő, the less active. It was a cool experience. We'll see if he wants to change and come back to church.

Other than that, this has been a good week. I read Jacob 5 this week, which was really cool to read as a missionary. The Lord has given me part of His vineyard to work in, and it's important that I follow His instructions and commandments in carrying out His work.

This week has been great. I hope everyone is doing well.
Love you all,
Elder Terry

Monday, September 12, 2016

Sept. 11, 2016

Hello everyone!!

This week is less crazy. We actually have the whole time to email, so I can write a proper email. Things have been going great here in Keckemét. Things have been really good. We've seen a lot of blessings poured out on us. First, here's some stuff from my letter to President:

"This week has been an amazing one as we've seen the Lord hasten His work in Kecskemét. We have gotten a lot of blessings this week.

The first is that we got a referral from Church headquarters. We contacted it the next day, and the people we amazing. It was a husband and a wife, and they are so prepared. We've already taught them twice, and they've committed to be baptized onOctober 8th. It was truly a blessing to see the Lord trusting us with two of His children, and I know it means a lot to me that we have the opportunity to teach and help such amazing people. The experience of going to them was awesome. We went over to the building, and the földszint isn't very clean and the building doesn't have any lights, but as we went up, we got to their apartment. When we went in, we saw their clean apartment and they were so eager to have us come in and teach the gospel. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to meet them and teach them."

This was the greatest experience of this week. We got to teach them twice, and at first it seemed a little sketchy, but they are super awesome. The wife, Rozália, came to church on Sunday. It was awesome. Getting to teach them was a great experience.

We also taught Sándor this week. He's been taught a couple times by the missionaries, but we're really hoping that it'll stick this time. He really is a great guy and he just needs to pray and read so God can answer him.

Being here in Kecskemét has been a great blessing, and I'm glad that I can serve here.

Elder Terry

Random pictures from the area.

These next three pictures are of the református cemetary we visited for a funeral.

Monster spider in the middle of this picture, can you see it?  Not a fan.

church in the middle of the city

These two are from where we ate dinner last week.  It was pretty good.

These next two pictures are from tracting last week.  First one way then the opposite way.  It started raining pretty hard about 10 minutes after I took the picture.

Sept. 5, 2016

Hello everyone,

We don't really have any time because our regular email place is closed for some reason. We have been scrambling to find somewhere to email, but we are more rushed than usual.

So I don't have much to say.


Elder Terry

Here's some stuff from my email to President:

This week was a really good week. The highlight was the temple rededication. It was really cool to have the opportunity to go and see that. I'm really grateful for the temple in my life, and I want other people to receive blessings from it too. Hearing parts of the Temple dedication in 3 languages was really cool. I had an english translation, and then I could hear German on that too, with the Hungarian playing in the Chapel. It stood out to me that even though we all speak different languages, we are all God's children and He can help us. That's why we have temples, and that's why the temple dedication was translated into all of the languages.

Another great part of this week was teaching József and Sándor. It was a great opportunity. Elder Seamons and I have practiced and roleplayed a lot in preperation for teaching other people, and it was really great to have the opportunity to use the lessons that we've been practicing. We taught József about the plan of Salvation because his mother died recently, and the Plan of Salvation answers questions that people have about that. We also got to meet with him, instead of just hearing his voice over the phone, which was really nice.

Teaching Sándor was great as well. We got to know him and share part of the message of the restoration. He is a great person, and he's just worried about falling into bad habits even after he is baptized. I know that receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and the priesthood will help him so much. He has so much potential.