Tuesday, December 12, 2017

2017. december 11

Well, we had a really busy week. The first few days started out kinda slow, but after that, things picked up a lot.
Monday we had interviews with President Szabadkai, which was a lot of fun. It's always fun to have some time to chat with him, and I learned some great new things. So that was great. Afterwards we visited the belváros of Budapest. We went and saw Parliament, Saint Stephen's Basilika, and the Christmas markets. It was fun, and I spent way too much money, but it was worth it. After that we spent some time finding, and that was our entire day.

Tuesday we had a fun morning. Our landlady's husband came to fix a couple things in the apartment, so we had to be home for that. Afterwards we met with one of our investigators because she wanted to give us food, and after that we spent the rest of the day finding. As we were walking we saw some people who's car had died and they couldn't get it started again, so we helped them push it out of the way and park it. That was fun. Then we spent some time tracting and looking up former investigators.

Wednesday we went white boarding. It was pretty fun, we used the #LightTheWorld scripture for that day and we talked about that with people. We found some pretty cool people, I'm hoping we'll be able to meet with them soon. After that we had exchanges with Elder Hughes and Elder Gentry. I went to Buda with elder Hughes and we spent some time looking up their investigators and giving them cookies. That was fun.

Thursday morning I almost froze to death. Wednesday night elder Hughes had an impression that we should go running and drop some cookies off at one of their investigators houses. So we went running. I had thought far enough ahead when I packed for the exchange, so I brought clothes to run it, but I forgot to bring warm clothes, so I ran in shorts and a t-shirt and almost died. But I didn't and Johanna was super nice when we gave her the cookies. After that we had district meeting, which I was in Buda for, and we watched the First Presidency Christmas devotional, which was really good. After that the exchange ended and Elder Murphy and I went to English class and game night.

Friday was a really busy day. We had weekly planning in the morning, after that we had a lesson with a really cool PI. His name is Ádám, he's from Slovakia and he moved to Budapest about a month and a half ago. He's super nice, and the lesson with him went really well. He mentioned that some of what we said to him at the door when we tracted into him really stuck with him, which was really cool. The Spirit really worked a lot with him, and he seems super prepared. After that we met with Veronika. The lesson was okay, but she doesn't seem too interested in the gospel, just in meeting with us, which is a little weird. After that we met with Zsolt at one of the member's homes. It was a great lesson. Péter, the member present, helped a lot, and Zsolt is really great. We talked about the Word of Wisdom, and Zsolt is going to quit coffee and smoking. It's super fun to work with him because he really wants to learn. He asks great questions and really pays attention. After the lesson, Zsolt took us home.

Saturday was another busy day. We had 4 lessons planned, but two of them cancelled, but we still ended up having a good time. We spent some time tracting in the 17th district of Budapest, the people were not super nice. After that we met with a member, Bence, and we looked up a less active member with him (the less active wasn't home), and then we went to a lesson with Márta. It was really good to met with her again, we've been having a hard time getting male members to come with us, and we had to cancel a few times, so it ended up taking 2 months to meet with her. She's super nice, she teaches yoga. Yoga is really interesting actually, because it's not just body positions and whatnot, but it's actually a religion, sort of. It's really cool, and Márta is super nice. Most of the lesson with her was getting to know her and her religious background. After that Bence took us to our next lesson, and he bought us some food on the way, which was really nice. Then we met with Erika and Attila. The lesson was really great, they really opened up to us. They are super nice people and they are really open. They have really interesting backgrounds, which makes it harder for them to quickly accept the gospel, but they are willing to learn, which is great. After the lesson, Attila took us home, which kinda made me feel like a freeloader because so many people have been giving us rides the last few days.

Sunday was fun. 2 of our investigators came to church, Veronika and Katalin, and Katalin brought one of her coworkers. It was really good to see Katalin at church because she's been promising for months that she would come and then she finally did. They all left after sacrament meeting. After church we practiced a song that we are going to sing at the ward Christmas party, and then we had MCM. It took a while, but it all worked out. After that we went to a lesson, but either the PI gave us the wrong address, or we wrote it down wrong because the address was a business and no one answered. We spent some time tracting in the area, and we met a nice 7th day Adventist man who wants to meet in January. After that we visited the Ward Mission Leader, Krisztián. He's super nice, and his wife is too. They have a little son named Máté, who turns 1 in a few days. It was really fun to visit them. After that we had numbers and dinner and that was the end of our day.

Our self-reliance topic for the week was to learn throughout our lives from a bunch of sources, books, media, the scriptures, and whatnot. It's a really good principle because learning is something that we can always do and it helps us a lot. It's been a lot of fun as a missionary to be able to focus on learning a lot of spiritual things from the scriptures. Learning as much as we can is really important.

Terry elder

Statue of Francis II

Parliament Building

Elders Terry and Murphy

Saint Stephen's Basilica?

Kossuth Memorial and the Parliament Building

Kossuth Memorial

Kossuth Memorial in front of Parliament


Saint Stephen' s Basilica ?

Imre Nagy-a national hero to Hungarians

Ronald Reagan Statue

Monument to Soviet liberation of Hungary at end of WWII

WWII monument to victims of Nazi Occupation

Freedom Square

Budapest "Charity Tree" built from 5,000 logs that will then be given to people in need.

inside the Charity Tree

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

2017. december 04.

We had a pretty great week. Things were a lot of fun, we were able to meet with a lot of our investigators, and we met with some really cool new investigators.

Last Monday we spent some time with some members from Győr that really like visiting Elder Murphy. We went with one of them to Margit Sziget, I have some pictures of it. The Island isn't as pretty as it was earlier this year, but we still had a good time. And we took some really beautiful pictures of Budapest.

Tuesday we had the weekly phone call with President, which was fun. After that we had a really busy day. We met up with one of our investigators who wanted to give us some food, then we went to visit Ági a recent convert. The member who came with us, Miklós, is one of the oldest members in Hungary in terms of how long he's been a member. It was a lot of fun to work with him and Ági is doing really great. She is so awesome. After the lesson with her we came home, had language study, and then one of our lessons got cancelled. But after that we met with Bogi, another recent convert. She's also doing great. We mostly talked about the Christmas initiative with her, we are trying to get as many people involved in the initiative as possible.

Wednesday was a bit more calm a of a day. We had a few lessons in the evening, but one of them cancelled and the other one dogged us, so we had a lot of time for finding. We went tracting in a building that was full of super nice people. They were all pretty young and none of them formalized us, which is a little odd. We kept tracting, and then we met someone that told us that everyone living in the building was a police officer. We thought that was kinda weird, so we ignored him and kept tracting. Then while we were tracting a man wearing a Police sweater opened his door, and he told us that everyone was a police officer, and that the building was off limits for people. This time we believed him, and we left. After we left the building we found some signs saying that the entire building was off limits for people, so it turns out that the people were telling the truth.

Thursday we had district meeting in the morning, and Elder Murphy made a bunch of cinnamon rolls because it was Sister Huhtala's birthday. After district meeting we had a pretty normal day, in the evening we had English class and a lesson with Krisztina and her family. It was pretty good. Their situation isn't really that great financially, and Krisztina spent most of the lesson complaining, but we were able to share some gospel truths.

Friday was fun. We had weekly planning, we got dogged by a potential investigator, and in the evening we met up with other elders for an exchange. As we were leaving the apartment, we closed the door, and then we realized that neither of us had the keys on us. We had to ask our neighbor to let us out of the building (you need a key to leave), and then we spent some time trying to track down a spare key. It didn't really work out, but Elder Murphy and I had heard stories about missionaries leaving one of the windows open in case they left the keys in the apartment (we live on the ground floor), so we decided to try it out. Turns out, we have had a window open the entire time I've been living in Pest. So we climbed in the window and the problem was solved. And then we locked that window.

Saturday we were on exchanges, I was with Elder Jameson. We had a busy day, we went to Vác, a city about 40 minutes outside of Budapest by train. Most of our day was travel time to the city, the lesson we had there, and then travel time back. It was fun, I haven't been on a train in a few months. After the exchange ended we met with Erika and Attila, who are some super nice former investigators. We talked about the Book of Mormon, had a good lesson, and then they took us to our next lesson (it's a 20 minute car ride). That was super nice of them. Then we met with Katalin, she's doing okay. Her life is hard, but she's doing the best she can.

Sunday we had church and MCM, afterwards we met with Alex. He'd cancelled on us earlier that week because he was sick, but then he got better and we could meet with him. The lesson was good, after that we had a typical Sunday.

And that was our week. Our topic for Self reliance was Show Integrity. They were some conference talks about it, so it was a good topic to learn about. Having integrity is super important because trust is the foundation for all of our relationships. It's really frustrating when you can't trust what people say (i.e. they say they want to meet and then don't show up), so I've learned a lot about the importance of doing what you say you will do.

Also, later today we have interviews with President Szabadkai, which will be fun. After that we are going to visit Parliment and the Basilica, and some other areas of downtown Budapest. It'll be fun.

Terry elder

Margit Sziget

Riker, Elder Murphy, Bence, the member from Győr.

Budapest Parliament Building and the Dunau (Danube River):

View of Budapest from a 10 story building they tracted:

Monday, November 27, 2017

2017. november 27

We have had a busy time since the last p-day, a lot of fun stuff happened.

On Tuesday after emailing we went and visited a relative of Elder Murphy's home teacher. She was a really nice old lady, she runs a pin shop in downtown Budapest, but over time the shop turned into a museum. She has a lot of really old pins which was fun to see. After chatting with her, we went to the Hungary National Museum, which was a lot of fun. I haven't been in a museum for a while, and it was a lot of fun to see some cool things about Hungary's history. It's a really cool country and the Museum was fun to visit.

On Tuesday evening we visited Erszébet, one of our investigators. Our lesson with her was really cool. An hour before we met, some kind of family problem came up, and she was really worried about it. When we asked if she had read the chapter we assigned her last time (Mosiah 4), she said she had, but we felt like we should read it again together. So we did, and after we read Erzsébet said that she found the answer to her question. Later, when I talked to her on the phone, she said that she was able to solve the problem the next day. So this lesson was a great example of the power of the Book of Mormon. Also, one of the members with us, Tibor, made a really good analogy, that when we live our lives and face problems, it's like we are walking in a valley. We can't see a lot of stuff because Mountains (problems, worries) block our view. When we read the scriptures, they take us to the top of these mountains and we can see how to solve the problems that we deal with.
Long story short, this was a really good lesson.

On Wednesday we had a lot of time for finding. It was a lot of fun, and we tried to use the time as well as we could. Finding has been a struggle recently, but we are working on it. In the evening we had a lesson with Alex. It was a fun lesson, and apparently Alex and his brother talked about us a bit, and his brother was interested, because he (the brother) called and referred himself. He lives near the west border of Hungary, so we won't be meeting with him, but he sounds really cool.

Thursday was a really busy day. We had district meeting, and after district meeting we had a Thanksgiving lunch. Elder Murphy and I made some turkey and palacsintas, and the other companionships made mashed potatoes and other foods, and then we had a delicious Thanksgiving lunch together. Later we met with one of our investigators who's been really sick, and we gave her a blessing. Giving blessings is always a cool experience, although sometimes it's really scary to do in Hungarian. But things always work out. Anyways, after that we had English class and game night. That was pretty much our whole day.

Friday we had weekly planning, then we visited Krisztina and her family. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, and it went pretty well. We've been teaching the Plan of Salvation a lot recently, so we're getting pretty good. After the lesson we met up with the Kispest Elders, and I went to Kispest with Elder North. We went to an MCM, and after that we spent some time finding. We even talked to some people on the public transportation, which was a lot of fun. It can be super scary, but I learned that you just have to do it and then it gets better.

Saturday we were on exchages for almost the whole day. We had lesson with a man who really likes the Bible and has a hard time accepting the book of Mormon. We talked about that for a while and then we shared the Christmas Initiative. That was a lot of fun, the video is super good and it really helped the conversation focus more on Christ. After that we had some quick meals and then we had a training with a seventy, Elder Homer. He was visiting Budapest last weekend, and he offered to give us a training. We talked about how to work with members and how to recognize the spirit. It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot.

Yesterday we had church, a long MCM, and after that we spent some time finding. In the evening we visited one of the members here. His name is Zsolt and he invited us over for dinner earlier that day, which was super nice. He made us some really nice food and we had a good time talking with him. We talked about the Christmas initiative with him and it was a fun time. Then we hurried home to make it home on time.

We had a really great week, and our self-reliance topic for the week is Persevere. It was a good topic to study, because it connects really well to the topic of Enduring to the End, which is really important. One of the most important things that I learned is that it is important to keep a positive attitude and just get to work. Nothing really improves or changes if we spend a ton of time worrying about things. We just have to get to work and strive to make things better.

Also I took some pictures. Some are of the area where we live. One is of the Museum we visited. One is of Elder Murphy and me, and one is of Elder Willes.


Terry elder

Elder Willes
National Museum

Elders Terry and Murphy

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

2017. november 21

We had a pretty busy week this week with lots of good times and more than a few lessons that fell through. We also had MLC and Zone conference, so it all balances out.
Last Monday we played volleyball as a district. It was a lot of fun, I haven't played volleyball since we left the MTC. It was a lot of fun, then in the evening we got dogged and spent some time finding, tracting and streeting mostly.

Tuesday we had the weekly phone call with President Szabadkai, which was a lot of fun as usual. Then we spent some time on the computers in the branch house using Facebook to proselyte and then we went white boarding. The white boarding didn't work out super well, no one really stopped to listen to us which was frustrating. Then we had an exchange with the other elders, I was with Elder Willes and we worked in his area. We had a pretty good time, we went hardcore on finding and found a few PI's within a few minutes of leaving the apartment. Then we went tracting, totally lost track of time and ended up having to change our plan because we spent more time finding then we meant to. It all worked out though and we had a great day.

Wednesday we were still on exchanges, and the morning went well. We streeted an old couple and talked with them for a while, which was fun, but unfortunately they weren't interested. After the exchange Elder Murphy and I had an interesting lesson with someone. We've been using family history to find people to teach, and this was one of the first times someone met with us off of it. Unfortunately, he just wanted help doing family history, and we couldn't really help him that much. We passed him on to the members that work in the family history center, hopefully they'll work something out. After that we spent some time finding, got some food from one of our investigators, Veronika (She's super nice), and later we visited some recent converts, Attila and Dora. They are doing great and we had a great time visiting them.

Thursday we had a bunch of meetings. That was basically our entire day. We had district meeting in the morning, and after that we went to MLC in the afternoon. MLC was a lot of fun, we learned a lot of new things and we got to talk with the Stake presidency a bit. After that we hurried over to the branch house and had a lesson with Zsolt. It was a really good lesson. We talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon and had a good time with that. We also shared President Monson's talk from April general conference and asked Zsolt to read the Book of Mormon every day. It went really well and he said he would try to read every day.

Friday we had weekly planning in the morning. Weekly planning is really important, and for some reason it always takes a really long time.  Once we finished we spent some time finding, did dinner and language study and then we headed out to the 17th district for a lesson with Ági. It was a really great lesson, the member present, Gábor was super great. Ági is doing really good, she has a calling and has been working really hard on that. It was great to meet with her and see how well she is doing. After that we streeted on the way home and that was our day.

Saturday we had a bunch of lessons, which was a lot of fun. One lesson fell through, which was super annoying because we'd already spent 20-30 minutes trying to find our way to the investigator's house. Then we tracted in the area. Budapest is so big, there are so many out of the way areas that Missionaries have probably never been to. It's crazy how many people live here, and it's crazy how few of them we can actually talk to. Anyways, after that we had a few lessons, for two of them we watched the Restoration which went well. It's super useful to watch to review the restoration. It's fun to watch in Hungarian now that I understand most of what the people are saying. After that we had a lesson with Katalin. She's super great and Tibor came with us. Tibor is awesome, he came even though we invited him Saturday morning and he didn't have much warning. The lesson with Katalin went well, and then Elder Murphy and I hurried home.

Sunday we had a bunch of meetings again, we weren't able to do much else. We had ward council, church, MCM, we had a to cancel a lesson which was sad. Then we met up with the Sisters and discussed our zone training. After that we had some time to find, then we did numbers and planned out our training.

Yesterday we had Zone conference, and that took up most of the day. we did some studies before it and then we had some time to find afterward. It was a great meeting and we learned a lot of useful information. We gave a training on Chapter 11 of PMG, giving commitments, and I think it went pretty well.

And that is a super long summary of our week. We also did some self-reliance stuff, this week's topic is Communication: Petition and listen. It was a fun thing to practice. We worked on listening to each other, not interrupting and then trying to help out. It's a super useful skill for missionaries because we talk to people all day. We also meet a lot of people who really struggle with this, i.e. they don't let us talk and we don't really have a conversation. It was a really cool skill to work on and we had a great time with it.

Terry elder

P.S. Here are some fun pictures. We live in a 10 story building and we went to the roof one day. We have a great few of Budapest, I took some pictures, but they didn't turn out super well.
Also, we have an exercise ball in our apartment and elder Murphy had a fun time on it.