Monday, March 19, 2018

2018. március 19


Well, we had an exciting week filled with running for trains and trainings with Elder Johnson, the area president. And also having baptismal interviews for some of our investigators.

First of all, last P-day we went to Lillafüred, which was really pretty. We wandered around with Elder Cushing and Elder Emang and had a good time. There were some caves there, but we weren't allowed to go in because it's winter. Also, the winter has come back here. It snowed a ton yesterday and it's snowing right now. It's really cold. And I found out that one of my shoes has a hole in it, which was not the funnest thing to discover. But anyways, P-day was fun we had a good time wandering around.

On Thursday we had to go to Budapest for a training with Elder Johnson. When we walked out of the apartment, we saw the tram at the stop, and we realized that we had just missed it. Usually, that doesn't cause very many problems because the trams run pretty often, but when we got to the stop we saw that the next tram comes at 6:25, and our train leaves at 6:30. So we had no choice but to speed walk/run to the train station (which is just over a mile away). We made it thankfully, and we were able to recover on the train. It was really exhausting to run for the train. Elder Neumiller and I were praying that we would be able to make it on time since it wouldn't be great for us to be late for the training. And everything worked out.

The training was really great, Elder Johnson taught us about how to teach. One of the things he said that I really liked was "In order to understand teaching, you have to understand learning." Then he talked about the different ways of learning things and how we need to help people learn spiritual things in the appropriate way. It was really great to be there and learn from him. On Friday we had an MLC meeting, which was also great, we talked more about teaching and learning.

Other than that we had some baptismal interviews this week. They all passed, so now we are getting everything ready for the baptism. 3 members of the Naár family are getting baptized, as well as our investigator János. Elder Cushing and Elder Emang also have an investigator getting baptized that day, a 12-year-old named Márk. I held his baptismal interview yesterday, which was a great experience.

Terry elder

These are the pictures from Lillafüred.

Statue of famous Hungarian poet, József Attila.

 Petőfi Sándor cave, a.k.a. Anna Cave, is a natural limestone cave.
 Petőfi Sándor was a Hungarian Poet who visited the cave.

These are pictures of various things from our week. One is of a rock with Big Hungary on it. There are things like this everywhere in Hungary, and I like to take pictures of them.
We also found a picture of Mark Hamill with Miss Piggy from the Muppets in a building we were tracting.
We also took some pictures while tracting a building.

Elder Neumiller

Pictures from Sis. Moser's facebook page:

Here are some pictures of our district at Lillafüred. There's a picture of me and Elder Cushing, and the other picture is of all four of us. The order is Me, Elder Neumiller, Elder Cushing, Elder Emang.

Monday, March 12, 2018

2018. március 12


Well, this week brought some changes. I said goodbye to Elder Durney and Elder Neumiller and I came back to Miskolc together. We've gotten to know each other, and I really like him. He's from Virginia, he's been on his mission for a year and a half now (the Sisters that he was in the MTC with just went home). We've been having a great time working together. Elder Neumiller is a very direct person, he doesn't beat around the bush, which is fun. 

We had to take one of our investigators off of bap. date. We were prepping László for the interview and we talked about tithing, and he said that he wouldn't be able to pay. We explained that the Lord would bless and help him if he was obedient, but he said that he wouldn't be able to pay. We are still going to work with him, and try to help him.

The rest of the investigators are doing great. We reviewed the baptismal interview questions when we met with János, and he accepted all of them. He's super great and fun to teach. He's really passionate about his ideas, and sometimes he yells a bit in lessons, but he doesn't do that as much anymore. The Naárék are also doing great. We prepped the mom, dad, and the 10-year-old boy for their interviews. Hopefully, all goes well.

We had district conference on Sunday, so we had a lot of people at church. It was fun to see all of the missionaries in our zone. President and Sister Szabadkai also came down from Budapest to speak, and that was fun.  

Other than that, we've been working hard and having a fun time together.

Terry elder

Here are some pictures of me and Elder Neumiller. I also took pictures of him with some girls from a family he found his first transfer when he was in Eger. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

2018. március 6

Well, this last week was a good one. We had some fun times. This morning we got our transfer calls, I'll be staying in Miskolc, I'm getting elder Neumiller, another missionary from Elder Durney's group. I've met him a few times, I think we'll have a fun time together.

Last week on P-day we spent most of the day at the Mosers. We made some Paprikás csirke and chocolate chip cookies. It was fun to spend some time with them, and it was a nice pick me up after hearing about Grandma Terry. The rest of our week was pretty good.

We had a great time with some lessons. Elder Durney started saying goodbye to people. 

We also had exchanges with the other Elders. Elder Cushing and I were together. We had a bunch of meetings this week, over the exchange we had branch council, which worked out well. The next day we met with János, one of our investigators, and we gave him a bap. date for March 31st. If everything works out, the branch will have 6 baptisms on that day, which will be really great. 

We had a fun time in our lesson with the Naár family on Sunday. We'd planned to teach them about fasting, since it was fast Sunday, and when we got over there, they told us that they had fasted that day. A few months ago we visited them on a fast Sunday, and since they always offer us food we had to turn it down, and we explained how fasting works. Apparently, they remembered because they fasted without us even telling them too. It's crazy how the spirit works. It really strengthened my testimony that the Lord prepares people. It was a great lesson.

Anyways, we had a great time. This week was pretty exciting. We had interviews in Budapest on Thursday, which was a lot of fun. We chatted with a lady on the train, which was cool.

We had a zone day yesterday, which was a lot of fun. We had all the missionaries here in Miskolc, we played a bunch of games and watched Megamind. It was a lot of fun and I had a really good time. It was fun to bond with the missionaries in our zone.

Terry elder

Elder Terry's birthday on the train (they bought non-alcoholic beer too)

Miskolc Carnival (from Sis. Moser's Facebook page):

February 26th--at the Mosers (the couple missionaries in Miskolc):

Elders Cushing, Seeley, Durney and Terry

Monday, February 26, 2018

2018. február 26


We had a good time this week. Our work has been going well, and we were really busy most of the time.

I don't have too much to say. I just got the news that Grandma Terry died and I'm still reeling a bit. But I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us, and because of His plan we can all be together again. Christ came to Earth to suffer and die for us, so that each of us could have the opportunity to return to our Heavenly Father. We can be together again with our loved ones.

Other than that, we had exchanges in Nyíregyháza this week. Those were fun, it was fun to work with Elder Bridges. Here in Miskolc we had some great lessons with the Naár family and Laci.
So, here's some background on Laci. He's deaf, and the other elders used to teach him, because Laci and his girlfriend lived together in there area, but a week or two ago they split up, and Laci moved to our area, so now we are going to teach him. The lesson with him was a lot of fun. He's a really happy guy, and we've started learning some Hungarian sign language. Fortunately he can read lips, and if we need to get something across, we can just right it down.

We had a bunch of lessons fall through this week, but that's okay, it happens.

Terry elder

The picture is of a Monument in Tokaj. It says "Hiszünk Magyarország feltámadásában." (We believe in the resurrection of Hungary) Monuments like this are everywhere, but this is probably one of the nicest ones I've seen. I took the picture from the train on the way to Miskolc from Debrecen.

Monday, February 19, 2018

2018. február 19


We had some good times this week. For P-day last week we went to the Diósgyőri Castle here, and it was a fun place. I took a bunch of pictures, which will be attached to the end of the email. A lot of the castle has been restored, which means that we get to touch things. They have an armory, where you can try out the armor and they have swords and shields. So we took some awesome pictures in armor. It was a good time.

Other than that, we had a pretty solid week. We met with the Naár family yesterday, and 3 of them accepted a baptismal date for March 31. It'll be fun. One of their sons doesn't feel like he wants to be baptized yet, but we are going to keep meeting with them and working them. They are such an amazing family, and I am so excited for them. Other than working with them we met with some other investigators that are doing well. We've got some exciting things going on here in Miskolc.ű

We also went to Debrecen on Exchanges this week. It was a lot of fun. I was with Elder Smith. He's a younger missionary, but he is really great and works hard. We had a great time working with them. Debrecen is a really pretty city and the people on the streets were pretty nice.

We had an interesting experience this week. We met a kid about our age on the tram one day, and we tried to talk to him. Apparently, he's been contacted by the missionaries a few times, because he just kinda exploded and started saying all sorts of curse words and terrible things. Not the most pleasant experience. Afterwards, we got on the train to go to Debrecen, and there we met someone who saw our nametags and wanted to talk. It was interesting to see how one person kinda blew up with no provocation and the other reached out to us. The man on the train lives in Debrecen, and we gave the elders his number, hopefully, they can meet with him.

That was our interesting experience of the week. Other than that, it was pretty mellow. We had a good time.

This week I wanted to share a thought from Sacrament meeting. One of the speakers talked out about love and how the first 2 commandments are to love God and love our neighbor. Then she said a great quote "Love is the road to happiness." I really liked that because I've noticed that when we really love and help those around us, we are way happier. It thought it was a great thought.

Terry elder

Pictures of the castle:

Elders Cushing, Seeley, Terry, Durney

The sign says, "The ignorant king is like a crowned donkey."

Elder Terry on train to Debrecen

Elder Durney on train to Debrecen

Greetings from Miskolc!