Monday, July 17, 2017

2017. július 17-e

Well, we once again had a pretty busy week full of fun times and hard work.

Monday, after emailing we played some pretty exciting card games in the branch house with the sisters. We had a good time. The game is called Cockroach poker. It was kinda weird. After all the fun, we cleaned, had a delicious dinner, and tracted. Good times.

Tuesday morning we had interviews, which was a great time. I love being able to talk with President Szabadkai, it's always a great experience and I learn a lot. After interviews we had a exchange with the Veszprém elders, Elder Rohner (the only other austrialian in the mission other than elder Mckim) and Elder Biesinger. It was a lot of fun to see Elder Biesinger again, we haven't had a lot of interaction since the MTC. Good times. Elder Rohner and I got dogged and tracted a lot. We had a good time and did good work. Elder McKim and Elder Biesinger visited Eszter and taught her the law of tithing. They said she asked why she couldn't get baptized early so she could start paying earlier. :)

Wednesday we had studies and said goodbye to the Veszprém elders, and then we tracted, and visited János and Ildikó with the Elders quorum president, Misi. It went really well, we taught them about Tithing and Fast offerings. They understood it really well, and Misi helped a lot. He is such a fun member. After that we had another delicious dinner and visited Zoli and Gyöngyi and their daughters. It was pretty good, we went with their home teachers. Zoli and Gyöngyi used to be Jehova's witnesses, and it is really hard for Gyöngyi to understand that Jehova isn't God the Father, but Jesus.

Thursday we had District meeting, which went well. Elder Mckim taught us about teaching the restoration, and we practiced teaching it in 5 minutes, 3 minutes, and then 1 minute. It's really important to always be ready to teach restored truth. It can be hard to say it really quickly though. After that we went to the Jószolgálati otthon (Good service home), which was a lot of fun. We met some youths that were also volunteering there, and had a good conversation with them. One of the people there gave me a cute rock (picture attached). Afterwards we met with János and Ildikó. They were still doing good. Then we met Eszter. She's also doing good. We rearranged the bap. dates a bit, since we need more time to teach Ildikó and Eszter will be ready a bit earlier. So we are planning on both of them getting baptized on August 12th. It'll be good. After we visited Eszter, we visited a Recent Convert of about 9 months, Gyula. He's doing good, we are going to home teach him with another member this week.

Friday we had weekly planning and MCM. Brother Plesz is still doing good and getting used to his new calling. After MCM we went to Budapest and we had a nice little miracle. We were going to Budapest right after MCM and so we drove to MCM. We saw a little message on the Console. Code 16.... Which it turns out means that one of the brake lamps wasn't working. We were worried about whether it would be legal to drive to Budapest with a dead brake light, and so we were trying to find a place to get it fixed quickly. We talked to Brother Plesz, and we gave us some advice. But then when we got in the Car to go somewhere, all of the brake lights were working again. That was a nice little miracle that smoothed out our day.
Anyways, we had an exchange with the Assistants, I was with Elder Gentry, and we had a great time. We taught 2 lessons, and one of them was to this really prepared Ukrainian man. His life has been pretty rough lately (His family is still in Ukraine, he can't afford to bring them here, can't afford to go back to Ukraine). We were able to bear testimony of how God loves him and will help him. Then we set up with him for the next day. Juri (that's his name) said that he wants to meet at least 3 times a week.

Saturday - We met with Juri again, taught him parts from the Plan of Salvation and the Restoration. Then we went tracting/finding. Elder Gentry is a champ at finding on public transportation. He has no fear, and that was really cool to see. It fired me up a bit, but we don't really use public transit much in Dunaújváros. After all of this stuff, we came back to Dunaújváros and met with Ildikó and János. We taught them the law of chastity and it went really well.

Yesterday we had church, and some great times. János became a priest, so now he is worthy to baptize Ildikó. The branch here is super on top of helping us in our work and fellowshipping investigators. After church we set up a lot of stuff and tracted. Then we had the usual sunday evening of dinner, getting numbers from the zone, passing the numbers on to the Assistants. Good times.

And that was our week. We are doing good and having some great times.

The spiritual thought for this week is D&C 59:9-10
9 And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day;
10 For verily this is a day appointed unto you to rest from your labors, and to pay thy devotions unto the Most High;

Keeping the sabbath day holy is a crucial part of keeping ourselves clean, and a key part of that is the ordinance of the Sacrament. I just want to encourage everyone to prepare for the Sabbath, so that you can all find a way to make the Sabbath a delight

Terry elder

Some pidgeons on a light pole right outside our apartment and the rock a lady gave me in the Jószolgálati otthon.

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